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Controlling The Situation: Top Control Modules Explained

Control Modules are integral for the operation of your Diesel generator, especially when you’re running multiple generators in parallel for your power solution. Ensuring you choose the right control module for your diesel generator and this needs is an essential part of generator maintenance and upgrading. Learn more about the top genuine Diesel generator control modules from trusted suppliers such as Deep Sea Electronics are a popular part of our product line up. Learn more about our range of advanced control modules and their features for sale here at PowerMark in this article.


The DSE8610 is an incredibly ubiquitous piece of kit, renowned in the industry for its accuracy and extensive feature list. The MKII control module we currently have in stock is the latest in complex load sharing & synchronising control technology. This mono display control module features auto-start and load share control technology to ensure precise and safe multi-set control. The DSE8610 can be synchronised with up to 32 generators to ensure your power solution always stays active. When you’re looking for multi-generator support in a control module, this genuine Deep Sea Electronics part with a mono display has you covered.


When it comes to ensuring consistent backup power for your business, this control module should be the go-to for your backup Diesel generator. Capable of working for Diesel and gas applications and features an icon-based display that’s easy to read and use. This control module offers true generator sensing and provides accurate measurement alongside engine overload protection. Deep Sea Electronics also offers a heated display to ensure your control module remains operational in even the toughest conditions. For faultless backup power to complement your mains solution, look no further.


For the simplest of power solutions, it’s best not to complicate. The DSE3110 is a clean and efficient auto-start control module. This control module supports remote start input and engine pre-heat, alongside configurable alarms/timers. For incredible ease of use and flexibility. The large back-lit LCD is easy to operate and can be configured in DSE’s PC suite. Combine this with power save modes, multiple configurations, shutdown warnings and tamper-proof hours counters and you have a value package with a big bite.

PowerMark hopes this guide has highlighted some of the finest genuine Deep Sea Electronics products available on the market today. Our range of Deep Sea Electronics control modules is genuine cover various needs and niches at a variety of price points. Struggling to find the genuine Diesel generator control module for sale that you need? Contact our 24/7 helpline! Our team of experts will guide you through the process to help you find the perfect part, including Mecc Alte alternators and more, that you need. Contact us today, or browse our control modules you need.

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