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CKD Versus Pre-built: Which Is The Greatest Value For You?

PowerMark is home to two types of top-quality Diesel generators for sale, alongside our genuine Diesel generator parts. We offer both complete and semi-knockdown kits and a wide range of pre-built Diesel generators from leading brands such as Champion. Both CKDs and pre-built Diesel generators provide unique benefits that may better suit your business when purchasing a new Diesel generator. So what are those benefits, and how do you decide between a CKD and pre-built Diesel generator? Learn more with the expert team at PowerMark below.

What is a CKD?

A Complete Knockdown kit is essentially a Diesel Generator broken down into its individual parts. In our more in-depth guide on the topic of CKDs, we compared CKDs to a jigsaw puzzle. A Semi Knockdown kit breaks the Diesel generator into its core components but leaves some attached. Then, once the CKD or SKD arrives at your business, you build it back together. Simple enough, right?

What is the benefit of a CKD?

A CKD can massively reduce export and import costs for your business, as it is not classified as a Diesel generator. This cost reduction makes it more financially viable to purchase a higher kva generator. CKDs, and especially SKDs, are easy to put together and tested before being sent to you. When you want a big Diesel generator without paying hefty prices, CKDs and SKDs are a perfect choice.

What is a pre-built generator?

A pre-built Diesel generator is what it says on the tin. A Diesel generator already built and delivered as such. Our Diesel generators come from leading brands such as Champion, warrior and more. These are typically smaller in size and of lower kva than our CKD range, making them an ideal portable solution for various purposes even outside of your business.

What are the benefits of a pre-built generator?

The primary benefit is the ease of use. A pre-built Diesel generator from the leading brands we offer is high-quality and reliable, offering incredible ease of use. In addition, there are minimal startup steps required for a pre-built Diesel generator, and many are built to take multiple types of fuel. As a result, pre-built Diesel generators may offer less power overall. Still, the improved portability may be more beneficial for those looking for a small scale power solution.

Can’t find what you’re looking for in our range? Our sister site CPS offers bespoke Diesel generators with a variety of components and features. For ISO9001 accredited bespoke Diesel generators, check them out today.

We hope this guide has shown you the potential of both CKDs and pre-built Diesel generators. Both have their unique advantages but are brought to you with incredible quality when you purchase from PowerMark. Our range of genuine, top-quality Diesel generators and Diesel generator parts for sale are sure to meet your needs. So contact us today to use our expert advice to find the perfect Diesel generator for your needs.

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