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Diesel Generator Batteries Explained

Charging Forwards: Generator Battery Guide

Diesel Generators, much like the combustion engine in your vehicle, typically require a battery in order to function. This makes your Diesel generator’s battery one of the most integral pieces to the whole system. But what is a Diesel generator battery?  How does it work, and what is its role in your power solution? Read on to have all these questions answered by our expert PowerMark team, and learn why you should only trust an esteemed supplier of genuine Diesel generator parts like PowerMark for your Diesel generator battery needs.

What is a Diesel Generator Battery?

Your Diesel generator both generates and requires electricity. To begin operations, the starter motor must be driven via a current. So, how do you generate the electricity required to get that starter motor turning if your generator is your primary power source? Simply put, you don’t! The power is stored in a lead-acid battery that supplies DC power to the starter motor, getting your power solution up and running. A Diesel generator battery may also power a variety of other components in your Genset. For example, the control module of your Diesel generator may be powered by your battery. Most modern Diesel generators are capable of charging their own batteries during operation.

How Does a Diesel Generator Battery work?

The Diesel generator batteries we have for sale at PowerMark are lead-acid batteries, like most batteries used in Diesel Generators are. The kinds you’ll find in a Diesel generator are known as 4D and 8D batteries. Lead-acid batteries were some of the first rechargeable batteries created and supply high surge currents. They use an electrolyte mixture of water and sulphuric acid and lead plates to create the energy required to power your Diesel generator.

Why Purchase Diesel Generator Batteries from PowerMark?

PowerMark is the renowned supplier of genuine Diesel generator parts from a variety of leading brands. Our batteries are supplied by our sister site, Constant Power Solutions. CPS are UK manufacturers with ISO9001-accreditation, ensuring premium quality and safety for your Diesel power solution. CPS batteries on our site are available in a wide array of configurations to meet your power solution’s specific needs. They are available for sale in sizes from 9-2500kva at a variety of price points. In the industry, CPS batteries are known for the longevity and excellent design. If you’re looking for an affordable premium replacement battery – look no further!


We hope this guide has given you a greater insight into the importance and inner workings of your Diesel generator battery. For all your Diesel generator parts needs, trust PowerMark. We are leading suppliers of a variety of Diesel generator parts, including alternators and more, from genuine leading brands such as Mecc Alte. Browse our range of batteries here, or contact our 24/7 helpline of Diesel generator experts to find the perfect part for your needs.

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