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Champion 82001I-DF 2000W LPG Dual fuel generator

If you haven’t seen our PowerMark Business Manager (Samuel)’s quick unboxing and overview of the Champion 82001I-DF 2000W LPG Dual fuel generator, then we would highly recommend watching below or using the following link:

Now, you’re more than likely reading this blog, because you’re either looking to purchase the 82001I-DF LPG Dual Fuel generator, or you’re in the market for a generator and not sure which one to go for, this blog will aim to provide you with some more useful information, and an insight into this particular product.

Starting off with the manufacturer, Champion Power Equipment is a USA owned company, and have been supplying their products since 2003. Just in North America alone, they have supplied over 2.5 million generator units, so you already know that the products are reliable and very popular.

Now, back to why you’re here… The 82001I generator comes with a 3-year limited warranty, giving you a longer than average sense of security, that if the product goes wrong within those first 3 years, then it is likely to be covered under their warranty, you can also access free lifetime technical support direct from Champion. Along with the 3-year warranty on offer, all Champion generators come with CE certification. This Champion generator is also Stage V compliant, which is becoming the minimum requirement in many regions throughout the UK and Europe, so ensuring you do not get caught out with the ever-changing rules and regulations with regards to emissions to vital.

Moving onto this generator itself, the engine is 2000W, whether that be using petrol, or LPG. You can ensure that no matter what option you have, they will be able to power your requirement, along with the quiet 53dBA @ 7m, this particular product is ideal for camping, caravanning, or a few home essentials, pending on load, this generator can run upto 11hours, so you will more than likely not even realise the generator is running. But don’t worry if you forget, the generator has overload shut down, low oil and low fuel shutdown too, so the engine will not get damaged from these possible issues.

You may also be worried about how much space the generator will take up when not in use, or during transport, the product is small, but powerful, at just 52 x 32 x 43cm, full assembled, weighing 22.1KG, the generator is very easily handled.

Now, you’ve read a bit more of the technical spec, this generator has 2x 240V 3pin UK sockets, which you can power your extension leads on, and plug your power requirements into there.

If this power is not cutting it for you, we can also supply at an additional cost, a parallel connection for 2x 82001I-DF generators to sync together for 30A of overall power, this kit also allows for the 2 generators to be stacked if you require, to reduce the overall footprint.

If you do have any questions on the 82001i-DF generator, please don’t hesitate to contact PowerMark, if you have made your decision, and would like to purchase this generator, please see the following link for the product page –

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