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Diesel Generator Canopies Explained | PowerMark

Canopleased: What makes a Good Diesel Generator Canopy

The canopy of your Diesel generator is vital to ensure it’s operating within regulation. Your Diesel generator’s canopy can, quite literally, be the difference between a legally-soundproof and unusable Diesel generator. So, what makes a good Diesel generator canopy, and why choose PowerMark for your Diesel generator canopy needs? Learn more about Diesel generator canopies right here at PowerMark below!

What is a Diesel generator Canopy?

The canopy of your Diesel generator is the enclosure that surrounds your Diesel engine and all other parts that make your Diesel generator. Imagine it like a car chassis or PC case. The generator could function without a canopy, as you see in open-set Diesel generators, but many regulations require your Diesel generator to have a canopy and the canopy itself has countless benefits to the day-to-day operation for your Diesel generator.

What are the benefits of a Diesel generator Canopy?

The chief benefit of a Diesel generator canopy is the ability to soundproof your Diesel generator. Indeed, many Diesel generator canopies are made of thick steel and feature foam padding for this exact reason. The vast majority of work, including construction work in residential zones, requires your Diesel generator to fall under a certain noise level under load.

This is measured in decibels. For a frame of reference, your breathing is measured at 10 dB, a blender is around 88dB, and a Jet taking-off in close proximity is around 150dB (enough to rupture your eardrums!). in the UK, a soundproof Diesel generator is typically around 70-90dB. Make sure your Diesel generator fits within this limit!

A Diesel generator canopy also provides other benefits. One example is that a canopy offers your generator far greater weather protection in comparison to an open-set generator.

Why Choose PowerMark for Diesel Generator Canopies?

All of our Diesel generator canopies for sale are provided by CPS. CPS canopies are renowned for coming in a universal, flatpack design – available in a vast array of dimensions to fit any Diesel generator. The Flatpack kit design allows for easy shipping and even easier construction. CPS Canopies are also designed to work with a variety of engine and alternator combinations. All CPS canopies also feature eggshell soundproofing and top-quality steel base frames for incredible endurance. Simply put, if your Diesel generator needs a canopy, CPS & PowerMark have you covered.


If you and your business may be interested in a new Diesel generator canopy for sale, or any other part (including batteries, fuel tanks and more!) contact our expert team today. They’re ready and willing to answer pressing queries and ensure you receive the perfect part for your Diesel generators needs. If you’re looking for another part, or need more info, why not check out the rest of our blogs? Otherwise, browse our range today and find the perfect parts for your Diesel generator.

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