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Can you Maintain your own Diesel Generator?

PowerMark always stresses the importance of Diesel generator maintenance.  Cleaning, testing, repairing, without these steps your power solution will quickly become inefficient and potentially dangerous before eventually falling into disrepair. Diesel generator servicing can be a challenge to fit into a busy schedule and with many in the industry, it’ll cost you a pretty penny. The one question we often get from those buying their first replacement part is: “Can I do this myself?”

Well, let’s find out! In this article, The experts here at PowerMark will walk you through Diesel generator self-maintenance, its viability and what you can do with our genuine Diesel generator parts we have for sale.

What maintenance does a Diesel generator need?

On the PowerMark site, you’ll find countless articles giving you detailed guides on Diesel generator maintenance of all kinds. The main form of Diesel generator maintenance you can expect to be doing regularly is cleaning. From air filters to replacing coolant – keeping your Diesel generator running smoothly requires making sure it’s running cleanly. Debris buildup causes inefficiencies and potential safety hazards.

Alongside cleaning, certain parts do need replacing from time to time. One common part that often requires replacing is the fan belt. The fan belt highlights the reasons why many parts require replacement over time. Wear and tear causes damage to parts. This damage can slow down or entirely shut down the operations of a Diesel generator. By repairing and replacing parts, we ensure our Diesel generators have a long life.

What Diesel generator maintenance Can I Do?

The answer to this question depends entirely on your mechanical skill level. For a Diesel generator expert, maintenance of all kinds is likely to be a breeze. Testing and tasks that require specialist equipment may require additional purchases or the hiring of a professional, however.

For a complete beginner or someone with slightly less experience, Diesel generator maintenance can be incredibly complicated. When it comes to replacing and repairing parts, consider hiring a professional. General cleaning and lubricant replacements however may be within your reach with proper research. Remember, your Diesel generator is either your primary or backup power source. Any accidental damage caused during maintenance can cause serious issues for your business. When in doubt, trust a professional!


Speaking of professionals, when you need Diesel generator maintenance completed – PowerMark is here to help! PowerMark not only sells a vast array of genuine Diesel generator parts for your needs but is also capable of providing expert advice and professional servicing contracts thanks to our amazing PowerMark team! If you’re interested in our Diesel generator parts, servicing or advice – get in contact today. Browse our site and you’ll find in-depth maintenance guides as well as countless parts that are sure to meet your needs. We hope this guide has set you on the path to proper Diesel generator maintenance!

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