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Canopy replacement: What time's best to replace it?

Expert Advice: Buying a Replacement Canopy

Unless you’re a skilled engineer, replacing a generator canopy is no easy task. There are various things to consider. In this blog, our team of generator experts give you expert advice to consider before purchasing and replacing a generator canopy.

Use current canopy dimensions

You can measure your current canopy dimensions and replace with a canopy which matches the same size. Don’t try to fit a canopy one size below, it will reduce ease of servicing and restrict airflow which can affect the generators performance with a potential risk of over-heating, or fire.

You’ll need to consider the key component layout

Some generators have the silencers mounted on top of the canopy and some have a special section at the end of the canopy, behind the radiator. You’ll also need to consider the location of the generator control box. So choosing the replacement canopy with the correct dimensions is very important.

Choose the right canopy thickness

Every manufacturer of replacement generator canopies, manufacturer canopies using different types of steel thickness. For example some export markets out of the EU find using a canopy of 1.5mm thickness with a 3mm thick base frame adequate.

Typical canopy thickness in the UK is 3mm for the canopy and 5mm for the base frame. If you don’t choose the correct thickness for the generator, the generator could be too heavy for the steel. This could cause the canopy cross members to bend and or cause more wear over time.

Ensure the canopy meets legislations

There are different legislations to consider when putting a generator in a canopy. For use in the UK and EU the canopy will need to have a bunded fully sealed base. Ensure the bunded base collects up to 110% of all liquids from the generator, such as fuel, oil and coolant.

Also in some boroughs in the UK, there is legalisation in place around machinery equipment creating too much noise pollution. So, you’ll need to ensure you choose a replacement generator canopy with the correct soundproofing material and rating.

Mechanical & Electrical skill level

Replacing a generator canopy with a new one requires a advanced mechanical and electrical skill level. You will need to ensure you have the right tools for the job too, if not, it could become a costly task. Luckily our team of experts are always on hand and offer any advice on replacing your old generator canopy with a new one.

Ensure you have adequate space

A generator canopy replacement should be done in a workshop which has adequate space. Having ample space will ensure you are not likely to risk damaging the generator and or causing damage to yourself through any accidents.

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Choose the right steel grade

PowerMark range of replacement generator canopies are produced using galvanised steel and are powder coated. Galvanised steel protects the metal from rusting, which ensures longevity of your generator.

Generator down time

Replacing a generator canopy can be time consuming. Our experts suggest hiring a generator to provide power to your application whilst you are carrying out the canopy replacement. Or alternatively weigh up down time cost vs purchasing a new generator.