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Benefits of Petrol Generators

Benefits Of Petrol Generators

Diesel is the name of the game here at PowerMark. Efficient, powerful, reliable – there are many upsides to a Diesel generator. However, when you’re looking for small-scale power solutions,  PowerMark has you covered with a wide range of Petrol Generators for sale, brought to you by esteemed brands in the power generation industry. So, why choose a petrol generator for your business’s power needs? Learn why our amazing PowerMark team might recommend you a Petrol Generator in this article.

Benefits of Petrol Generators

There are many reasons, as aforementioned, to like Diesel Generators. Diesel generators are easily repaired, with long lifespans wherein they provide a high capacity whilst using an efficient amount of fuel. We could go on and on about the amazing features of Diesel generators, but their petrol counterparts do have some key advantages that can lead them to excel in certain scenarios.

For example, the petrol generators we offer come in a far smaller form factor than our Diesel offerings – making them ideal for portable use. Petrol is commonly available and often cheaper than Diesel.  This may make them a more economical choice regardless of their reduced efficiency and the fact they require more strict storage procedures than Diesel.

Overall, if you’re looking for general ease of use and are willing to pay higher upfront cost for a wider range of options, petrol generators can be a competitive choice for small-scale power solutions.

Our Honda Petrol Generators

PowerMark is home to a wide range of Petrol Generators powered by Honda Engines and Mecc Alte Alternators. These are contained within a robust steel frame and feature supportive anti-vibration mounts. These sets are designed for longevity, using the latest innovations to offer competitive efficiency. These sets are also available with an optional trolley for improved portability and efficiency.

We sell Petrol generators at a variety of kVAs to meet your power load needs. From 3kVA to 6.25kVA dual load, we’ve got you covered with Honda GX160 and GX390 engines. Our Petrol generators are available for export worldwide at additional cost.

Why Choose PowerMark for Petrol Generators?

PowerMark is home to genuine parts from countless trusted brands at affordable prices. From Cummins to Perkins, we have the parts your Petrol generator will need alongside competitive servicing contracts. Combine all this with a worldwide delivery capacity and our amazing team of PowerMark generator experts and you have a comprehensive sales experience throughout your petrol generators lifetime – guaranteed to keep it running efficiently throughout its lifespan.


If this guide has given you interest in our amazing range of Honda Petrol generators for sale, available in a variety of kVAs, browse our range today. Not sure what you’re looking for? Why not check out our detailed and comprehensive blogs to learn more about generators as a whole, or contact the PowerMark team at our 24/7 helpline. We’re ready to help your business obtain the power solution it needs.

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