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Battery Charging for diesel generators

Battery Charging for Diesel Generators

The battery may be one of the most vital components on the generator itself. Its job is simple, but very much needed for generators that are not ran using prime power. However, it’s also a vital component for generators that are ran as standby power; it ensures your generator crank battery is at the correct level to start when you need it the most.

The battery chargers’ job is simple. It uses the mains power to the generator, to trickle charge the battery(s) on the generator. Here at PowerMark we supply a range of DSE battery chargers from 12V 3A, all the way upto 24V 5A. Click here for our full range.

Deep Sea Electronics (DSE) are one of the leading control modules and battery chargers’ manufacturers, based in Hummanby, North Yorkshire. They are an esteemed and reputable company.

If your generator is used as prime power, then there is not as much of a worry for charging the battery. Much like a car, the charge alternator charges the crank battery when the engine is running. And like your car, if left uncharged for a prolonged period of time, the battery is likely to become flat.

Each DSE battery charger comes with reverse protection, as well as short circuit protection, and limits the current into the battery. The DSE battery chargers are intelligent, they boost and equalise cell charging, which leads to longer battery performance and life expectancy, further reducing the maintenance costs of your generator.

With PowerMark working directly with DSE, we have access to all wiring diagrams, manuals, to assist you and your customer for any assistance at site. Along with the DSE configuration suite, we can also programme any DSE module to suit your requirement, as long as all of the correct information is provided.

Applications that require a DSE battery charger, are as following but not limited, hospital back up diesel generators, ensuring all critical areas have power in case of a power cut. care homes, ensuring power is on at all times to help the elderly are comforted during any power outages.

If you are concerned, or not sure if you require a battery charger, here at PowerMark, we supply the battery chargers as standard, at no additional cost for UK and European customers. For customers outside of these regions, there is a small additional cost for this.

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