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Backup generators – A reliable power source | PowerMark

Backup generators – A reliable power source

Power is important.


Without power, you can’t run a business. Whatever field or industry you are in, whether you are working from a huge office block or factory with hundreds of employees, or it’s just you and a couple of computers in a room somewhere, you have to have power.

It keeps the lights working, the fridge running, the coffee machine humming, the computers buzzing. It is what makes the internet work, the phones ring, and the printer come to life.

It’s what keeps your business going.

But sometimes, things outside of our control happen, and we can find ourselves suddenly and quite literally in the dark. What happens then? Do we sit there and wait and hope that it comes on as quickly as it went off, or do we make sure that we have a reliable reserve source of power in place in the form of a backup generator?

We sell a range of backup generators here at PowerMark, so of course, it is in our best interests to sell them to you. However, what we want to do in this article is to explain why it is so important for your business to have a reliable standby generator.


It may decrease your insurance premium

Think about it. Without power, so many of not just your core business operations, but basic security measures can go down the pan. No CCTV or security alarms to protect your business from opportunistic criminals. Potentially no fire alarms, or flood warning systems, no phone lines. All of those disaster movies could come true, and if you don’t have power, you could see your business really suffer. If you have a standby generator ready to kick in if the main power does go off, you can rest assured knowing that you can keep going.


Save you money

You don’t just want to make big money in your business; you want to save big money. While you obviously have to fork out for the initial cost of a backup power supply, in the long term, it could save you a significant amount of money. Stop for a moment, and think about how much of your business is dependent on power, and what will happen if that power is interrupted.  Your whole operation would grind to a halt. And what happens when your business grinds to a halt? It starts losing you money.

Saves your reputation

If you are working on a project for a client and suddenly have a power cut, that project will be delayed. And, while we know that the power cut is not your fault, a delayed order is not going to make your client happy. If you have a reliable backup generator ready to kick in as soon as an interruption to the power is detected, you can carry on working and your client will know no different, saving your reputation.


For more information about generators and which one your business needs, give us a call, and we will talk you through the different options available.



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