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AVR: What you Need to Know

An AVR is a very small but amazing generator part. It can be fitted to a generator to make sure a steady controlled output voltage is supplied to all appliances or tools connected to the generator. An AVR needs to be a made of the highest quality materials as it will have to work for many hours at a time.

What is an AVR?

An AVR is a regulator for a generator, it is a feature which controls the voltage output that the generator produces. This prevents the generator from producing a higher or lower voltage which would likely damage whatever is plugged into the generator. When a generator is running low on fuel, there is a possibility that over-revving could occur. This could increase the voltage output, which will lead to a variety of issues. As you can see, the AVR is an essential and very clever item which is easy to take for granted.

AVR Function

The function of the AVR is to keep the output of a Diesel generator consistent. The importance of this can be easily seen with a quick example. If you were to have a generator without an AVR fitted and you had a light bulb plugged into your Diesel generator there is a possibility of your generator over-revving and producing more output voltage than required. This would more than likely result in the breakage of said light bulb or any other electrical item connected to the generator, possibly costing you thousands of pounds and precious work time. Therefore, an AVR should be considered an invaluable investment.

The Benefits of Having an AVR

There are many benefits of installing an AVR into your generator, from saving you money to possibly saving your life. When using a Diesel generator without an AVR installed, you may have to spend extra money due to the replacement costs of tools or appliances that got damaged by a voltage power surge. Additionally, when using powered tools such as a disk cutter, it is vital to employ an AVR for your safety. All devices are made to run on a certain amount of voltage; if an appliance varies from this, it can experience numerous complications and will quickly become unsafe.

Having an AVR  fitted to your Diesel generator can help you in many ways. Here at PowerMark, we supply AVRs from brands you trust such as Stamford, which gives you the peace of mind that you are investing in genuine, safe parts.


Hopefully, with this guide, you will understand the importance of installing an AVR and the benefits of its installation in your Diesel generator. An AVR will save you time and money by keeping you and your tools safe. Our quality AVR  ensure that your equipment is running to its fullest potential without the hazard of over-revving or falling to a lower voltage. Shop with PowerMark for UK-manufactured AVRs and more Diesel generator parts, available for shipping worldwide.

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