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Diesel generator Actuators Explained | PowerMark

Articulating Actuators: Actuators Explained

From alternators last week to actuators today, PowerMark is home to a wealth of genuine branded Diesel generator parts and the knowledge you need to ensure the part is right for you. This week, we’ll discuss what an actuator is, why your Diesel generator needs one, and why you need one from our quality UK range here at PowerMark.

What is a Diesel Generator Actuator

In the simplest of terms, a Diesel generator actuator is often used to refer to the part that controls the Diesel intake of the engine. However, an actuator could be any part of your generator that controls another mechanism, so you must ensure proper research is conducted. Our team of experts here at PowerMark can help you ensure you pick the right part for your needs.

How an Actuator Works For your Diesel Generator

An actuator can be controlled in one of two ways. Typically, older models will be governed by a mechanical governor, but nowadays many are controlled by an ECU / ECM. They work alongside the rest of the electrical governing system of a generator, including the magnetic pickup sensor, to ensure your generator can run optimally under load.

An actuator governs the fuel injected into your generator, increasing it when load increases and vice versa.

A mechanical governor does this using gears and flyweights to detect changes in load and opens or closes the throttle accordingly. An ECU is a type of embedded system (aka computer) that uses input from a sensor to regulate the unit injectors, rather than a mechanical system.

Why you Need a PowerMark Generator Actuator

Here at PowerMark, we stock genuine parts from brands you love, and this includes our top-quality Perkins actuators. We have over thirty actuator models, which our team of experts can confidently help you pick to ensure you get the perfect part for your Diesel generator. PowerMark offers worldwide shipping and can easily requisition the actuator you need. For the best actuators for your Diesel generator, you need PowerMark. No matter where in the world you are, our Perkins actuators will deliver.


We at PowerMark hope that this guide has shown you the necessity and ingenuity of our genuine Perkins actuators, on sale now. For the highest quality genuine Diesel generator parts from brands you love –  including Stamford, Mecc Alte and more – contact PowerMark today. For more information about the inner machinations of your generators, read more of our guides on alternator parts, power outages and other interesting facts and developments right here on our site. Otherwise, click here to find our top quality Perkins actuators for sale today.

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