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Accessible Accessories for Diesel Generators

Here at PowerMark, we pride ourselves on selling genuine Diesel generator parts from brands you trust. We know our customers expect only the highest quality of parts to ensure their power solutions can run optimally, no matter what’s thrown at them. However, what many customers don’t realise is the importance of the quality of accessories they use for their generator. A tradesman is only as good as his tools, and the accessories you use with your Diesel generator will impact the quality of your day-to-day experience. In this post, we’ll walk you through the accessories you’ll find yourself using with your Diesel generator, why you’ll use them and provide a few quality examples from our site, deliverable in the UK and worldwide.

Diesel Generator Oil Dipsticks

The oil level of your Diesel generator is a vital metric to measure. Low oil levels can lead to inefficiency and serious damage to your Diesel generator. Therefore, the more accurate your dipstick is, the better you can monitor and manage the performance of your generator. The better you can manage your Diesel generator, the longer it’ll last.

As you can see, a dipstick is worth investing in. Our Perkins dipsticks are some of the best on the market and are available at a variety of prices. Check out our range here.

Diesel Generator Fuel Cooler

A Diesel generator fuel cooler is an invaluable tool that could save you money and improve efficiency in your day-to-day power operations. Fuel coolers maximise the power gained from your Diesel by ensuring it doesn’t run hot when not in use. For quality Diesel fuel coolers, look no further than here on our site. We deliver genuine Perkins fuel coolers across the globe at competitive prices, so buy now whilst stock lasts.

Diesel Generator Battery Charger

Your Diesel generator’s battery is perhaps the most vital component of your power solution. Without a charged battery, your Diesel generator will be unable to start. Our quality range of genuine Deep Sea Electronics Diesel generator battery chargers keeps batteries charged to their maximum capacity at all times. They are designed to be permanently connected to your Diesel generator’s battery. This premium quality charger includes a status identifying LED that can tell you when the battery is in normal or overload condition at a glance. Click here to purchase this amazing piece of kit right here at PowerMark.


As you can see, our range of quality Diesel generator accessories from genuine brands such as Perkins can massively improve the quality of your day-to-day use of your Diesel generator. For quality genuine Diesel generator parts, accessories and more, shop with PowerMark today.

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