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PowerMark stocks a vast array of Diesel Generator Parts and Accessories. From Alternators to Control Modules, we stock a wide range of products to meet any business’s needs. All of our parts come from trusted brands in the Diesel power solution industry, including:











UK Diesel Generator Parts Specialists

After successfully becoming one of the leading UK manufacturers of Diesel generators in the UK, CPS Generator’s Forward-thinking Founder & Director Daniel Arnett noticed there was a big gap in the Diesel Generator parts market. PowerMark was established with one goal in mind, which we strive to meet through every sale and decision. PowerMark aims to allow end-user customers at varying levels of Diesel Generator accumen the opportunity to purchase the right genuine Diesel generator parts for their power solution at trade prices!

Here at PowerMark, we wholeheartedly believe in focusing on the customer. We ensure that any customer, regardless of their prior Diesel generator knowledge, can find the correct part or accessory at the correct price, every time. Our expert team have over three decades of combined experience in the Diesel power industry. They have the extensive knowledge, comprehensive understanding and experience-gained competence to guide you and your every step of the way.

All of us here at PowerMark are firm believers in taking pride in each and every product which we sell, and this is why we will, and only ever will, supply UK and EU components which are of the highest standard. We’ll never hand you a non-genuine or otherwise disruptive part. PowerMark places great importance on ensuring a quality check occurs on every product which leaves our warehouse. to ensure our valued customers never receive anything less than the best Diesel generator parts available.

We have gone from strength to strength in the five years since our launch and have a complete offering of Diesel generator parts – from Fuel Tanks to Automatic Transfer Switches, you won’t need to look any further. In 2019 we developed our own Diesel Generator Parts Finder. Finding the correct part for your Diesel Generator has never been easier and our team do all the work for you. This fits in perfectly with our ethos of focusing on the customer and it’s something we will always endeavor to do. Whatever your application, budget, location, or ambition, PowerMark has the solution.

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