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A Guide to Generator Tankers | PowerMark

A Guide to Generator Tankers

A Diesel Generator’s fuel tank may just be the single most important part of a generator. If your fuel consumption isn’t matched to your tank it could lead to problems ranging from frequent refuelling driving up costs to power outages. In this guide, we’ll teach you the basics of Diesel fuel tanks and what your power solution requires so you can make sure you get the perfect part for your Diesel generator.


Fuel Capacity

If you’re looking for a new Diesel tank for your generator, it’s vital to consider the size you’ll need for your generator usage. If you use your Diesel generator as a backup power solution, you will need to consider your company’s emergency power consumption. This is how much power your company will need in case of an emergency. Your typical Diesel generator will use 0.5 gallons of Diesel per hour. This is a good number to remember for calculating backup power consumption, as you will need enough Diesel to last until your primary power source can be brought online.

If your generator is used as a primary power source, measure your daily power consumption. Overall, a backup energy source is likely to require a smaller generator tank than a primary energy source, however, it’s vital you take into account how often you plan to refill. The longer you plan to wait between refills, a bigger generator tank size is likely to be the best.

Here at PowerMark – the majority of our tanks are single skinned. Single skinned tanks cannot be installed in sizes over 2500 litres in the UK. For any size above this, please contact our team for guidance.


Single Skinned Tanks

As aforementioned, we sell single skinned tanks here at PowerMark, from sizes 500 to 4000 litres. These tanks are brought to you by one of our esteemed genuine part manufacturers, CPS. CPS delivers high-quality UK-manufactured parts, and their generator tanks are no exception. These single skinned tanks have 4 lifting hooks for portability – are available in a range of colours and are made to order. Single skinned tanks are an excellent choice for smaller power consumption needs – and are cheaper than the larger scale bunded tanks.


Bunded Fuel Tanks

The majority of insurance companies REQUIRE bunded tanks on Diesel generators. We offer some of the best bunded tanks on the market – designed with ease of use in mind – from our trusted friends at Western Global. The Transcube comes in sizes as small as 250l, and as large as 2000l. these tanks are ideal for rapid deployment and easy portability. If safety and speed are priceless to your company,  the Transcube may just be what you need.

For generator capacities of up to 4000 litres, we at Powermark have you covered with the best value tankers, from trusted manufacturers CPS and Western Global. For more information, check out our range of Diesel tanks HERE today or get in touch with our specialist team for expert advice on the generator parts you need.





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