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A brief history of Lister Petter | PowerMark

A brief history of Lister Petter

Here at PowerMark, we sell Diesel generator parts online, including Lister Petter parts. Many companies worldwide now consider Lister Petter a household name. The long list of engines and generating sets can be found in almost every country.

The mission is to achieve more and deliver nothing but the best, which is what customers have come to expect. Take the time to learn more about Lister Petter, including what they do and the parts we offer so you can begin to see for yourself why it’s such a sought-after brand.


What They Do

Lister Petter makes engines that are adapted to a diverse range of applications including generating sets, pumps, agricultural machinery, construction plant and emergency equipment operating reliably in all conceivable ambient conditions. Although ownership has changed over the years, they’re proud to remain a 100 percent British owned business. All the manufacturing and assembly still occur within the home county of Gloucestershire.

In recent years, Lister Petter has now moved to the modern premises of Hardwicke. With the move came a commitment to investing in new facilities, new state of the art component storage, new production lines, and new testing facilities whilst retaining the core values of what Lister Petter has always been.

Lister Petter produces a range of small diesel engines, ranging from single-cylinder water-cooled engines of 2.7 horsepower (the ‘Zeta’ series) up to the 64 horsepower (48 kW) ‘Delta’ engine. Lister Petter engines are generally used in stationary industrial applications such as pumping and electricity generation. The company produces a range of complete generator sets, units equipped for welding and in-house pumping sets.


Parts that PowerMark Supply

At PowerMark, we carry a large selection of parts from our manufacturer of the month, Lister Petter. You can shop by the manufacturer on our website, and you’ll be glad to know we stock all genuine new Lister Petter parts. To name a few, for example:

· Lister Petter Joint 367420
· Lister Petter Joint 202-60730
· Lister Petter Speeder Spring 263002
· Lister Petter Blade 757-24950
· Lister Petter 1000 Hours Lpw2 657-75010
· Lister Petter 12-2 D/C 657-10420
· Lister Petter 16-2 O/H 657-10454


The Future of Lister Petter

You’ll be glad to know that the future of Lister Petter is bright and encouraging. There continues to be a strong base of loyal customers who buy the parts. Due to this loyalty and success, you can expect to see production increase, product capabilities improve, and service to remain high and always available. They pride themselves on going above and beyond for customers in the past and will do so well into the future. Lister Petter achieves this goal by offering custom engine builds, tailored to the customer’s requirements. The engines arrive ready to use, and the customer doesn’t have to waste time re-working the products for their applications.


Working with Us

PowerMark is the UK’s number one power market. With a combined 30 years of experience in the industry, our team of highly skilled professionals has the knowledge, experience, and competence to guide you to the correct product for your application. Contact us today to learn more about our products and to discuss any questions you have as you shop around.

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