Silent Generators reduced to [email protected]

Recently we have been working on many requests for [email protected] requests. Our standard sets are quite quite as they are and we do get a lot of rave reviews to say how customers are happy with our Silent generators especially for residential use.

We have noticed that a lot of the requests that we have been receiving are for Hospital application as well as datacentres in city centres and an application for a Sports arena in a close residential area. So we can understand why [email protected] seems to be requested a lot recently.

We have worked on similar projects in the past, you may remember our super silent green machine (read our blogs) which was in a residential area and needed to be as quiet as a mouse? well using a similar way of thinking. We have been working tirelessly on a solution with our R&D team. Using Residential exhaust mounted inside the canopy with a noise reduction of 48 dBA, as well as Multi-density polyester soundproofing foam fire- resistant Class 1. We believe we can now on  request supply a Super Silent Generator to reach [email protected] or Less.

We understand the sound levels of all our engines and we have the capabilities to work out how much of a reduction is required to meet the expectations of our customers. Working closely with our suppliers Perkins, Meccalte and our canopy fabrication companies, we are in the best situation to provide the solution to these requirements.


In terms of testing of the generator, the way we do it, as most companies will do it. Is we test from a range of different positions all within a 1m and 7m radius.

As you can see from the image below we take up to 9 points of the generator and test them all. Once we get a steady sound level we will make a note of the dBA Rating. We test the unit on 75% load and 100% load and always go with the higher rating.

We have found their is minimal difference between 75% and 100% load, and whilst your genset should not run regularity at 100% load, we know that their will be instances when this is needed

Once we have tested all 9 points at 1m and 7m we then produce the chart above. Working out the average makes this a fairer exercise.

Currently we have been working on projects from 60kva right up to 500kva. Once these projects are finalised we will be sharing more and more posts on our blog.

Do you have a similar project you are working on? Don’t know who to call?

The why not give Constant Power Solutions a call on 01757428140

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