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Benefits of a CKD | PowerMark

The Importance of CKD in The New Normal

In just two years, the 2020s have completely revolutionised the way we do business. Brexit and COVID have planted the world of international commerce firmly into the ‘New Normal’. Indeed, it’s the issues that have arrived from these current events that have likely driven your business to look for a new Diesel generator or new parts. With import and export of such goods becoming ever more difficult – the importance of the CKD from a customer perspective is growing exponentially. But what is a CKD, and how can your business benefit? Learn more from our team of PowerMark experts in this article.

What is a CKD?

We released a more in-depth article on the exact purpose and design of Complete Knockdown Kits in a prior article that the uninitiated should definitely check out. To summarise, consider the following analogy. You’re looking to ship over a Completed Jigsaw from abroad. The customs department tells you “no problem, but the import tax will be high and you may face delays”. Unfortunately, you can neither afford the delay or the increased cost. You do however know a little about Jigsaws, or at least know someone who can put one together. So, you ship over the Jigsaw as unconnected puzzle pieces in a box. Now, it’s technically not a completed Jigsaw – but all the pieces needed to complete it are there. This means less import tax and a lower delay.

Replaced Jigsaw with Generator and Pieces with Parts, you have a CKD!

Why are they Important Now?

International Logistics is, let’s face it, not in a good state at present moment. COVID causes unpredictable delays, Brexit brings unavoidable delays with high costs and to top it all off someone got their boat stuck in the canal that provides over 10% of all global trade – slowing things down even further. As of right now, if you’re looking for a Diesel generator from overseas that’s not going to cost you an arm and a leg and will arrive in a reasonable time frame, a CKD is likely your best bet.

PowerMark can supply top quality Complete Knockdown Kits that meet a variety of needs and specifications. All of our CKDs feature every component you need for a functional Diesel generator, all of which are genuine Diesel generator parts from esteemed, top-quality brands such as Perkins and Stamford.

If you’re looking for a CKD solution to your international Diesel Power solution needs, browse our range of Diesel Generator Complete Knockdown Kits today. If you’re based in the UK, why not check out our range of pre-built Diesel Generators made with the highest expertise by our team? For more info on CKDs and what they could do for your business, contact said expert team at any point via our contact us page. We hope to hear from you soon!

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