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Why Choose Our Diesel Generators

PowerMark Diesel Generators: Why Choose Us

PowerMark is now home to a wide range of Diesel generators, prebuilt in a wide range of specifications with top-quality genuine parts. PowerMark is known as the renowned home for Diesel generator parts worldwide, but why purchase our top-quality Diesel generators? Learn about the top reasons to purchase your next Diesel generator with PowerMark in […]

Benefits of a CKD

The Importance of CKD in The New Normal

In just two years, the 2020s have completely revolutionised the way we do business. Brexit and COVID have planted the world of international commerce firmly into the ‘New Normal’. Indeed, it’s the issues that have arrived from these current events that have likely driven your business to look for a new Diesel generator or new […]

Why we Stock Deutz

‘Deu’ing It Right: Why we Stock Deutz

DEUTZ AG is the renowned manufacturer of a variety of Diesel engine parts available here on our site. Since 1864, Deutz has served as a prime example of quality European engineering that forms the very foundation of the most efficient and reliable Diesel generators the industry has to offer. But why is Deutz so universally […]


Piston Prowess: Diesel Engine Pistons Explained

Your Diesel generator is no doubt the machine pushing your business forward. Whether it’s keeping the emergency power alive in a mains power failure or supplying the essential electricity for your outdoor operations, your Diesel generator is integral to the continued function of your business. In the same way that your Diesel generator pushes your […]