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Diesel Generator Canopies Explained

Canopleased: What makes a Good Diesel Generator Canopy

The canopy of your Diesel generator is vital to ensure it’s operating within regulation. Your Diesel generator’s canopy can, quite literally, be the difference between a legally-soundproof and unusable Diesel generator. So, what makes a good Diesel generator canopy, and why choose PowerMark for your Diesel generator canopy needs? Learn more about Diesel generator canopies […]

Controlling The Situation: Top Control Modules Explained

Control Modules are integral for the operation of your Diesel generator, especially when you’re running multiple generators in parallel for your power solution. Ensuring you choose the right control module for your diesel generator and this needs is an essential part of generator maintenance and upgrading. Learn more about the top genuine Diesel generator control […]

Oils & Coolants Explained

Oil The Best: Importance of Oil & Coolant for Diesel Generator

Your Diesel generator works hard and hot, especially when used as a primary power solution. Therefore, multiple fluids are used by your Diesel engine for proper lubrication and cooling. These are your oils, lubricants and coolants. Ensuring your Diesel generator is using the top-quality lubricants it needs to run efficiently and safely is equally as […]

Perkins Bellows Explained

What are Perkins Bellows?

As we’ve discussed many times before, Perkins are renowned for their diesel engine parts throughout the industry. From actuators to O Rings, Perkins parts provide incredible quality and efficiency across a wide array of areas in the Diesel engine that very few manufacturers match. One often overlooked aspect of the Diesel generator is the exhaust. […]

Battery Safety

Diesel Generator Battery Safety Guide

Every part of a Diesel generator poses a risk of failure, and therefore can be a risk to your workers if not handled properly. One of the most dangerous parts of a Diesel generator is the battery. Whilst we have a full explanation of your Diesel generator battery and it’s purpose already on our site, […]