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Diesel Generator Alternator Parts

Alternator Abstrusity: Alternator Parts Explained

Alternators are remarkably complex pieces of engineering wizardry that are essential to the running of any Diesel generator. With such delicate detail, it is vital to keep each and every part of your Diesel generator alternator in top condition. When you’re looking for alternator parts, look no further than our genuine brand alternator parts from […]

Diesel Generator Accessories

Accessible Accessories for Diesel Generators

Here at PowerMark, we pride ourselves on selling genuine Diesel generator parts from brands you trust. We know our customers expect only the highest quality of parts to ensure their power solutions can run optimally, no matter what’s thrown at them. However, what many customers don’t realise is the importance of the quality of accessories […]

Petrol Generator Guide

Introducing Our Petrol Generators

Here at PowerMark, we only stock genuine parts from brands you trust, as you already know. Alongside this, however, we stock a range of quality Petrol generators, perfect for small-scale deployment and mobility. Our Honda Petrol generators may just be the auxiliary power solution you are looking for, Read on to learn about what our […]

Diesel Generator Trailer Guide

Happy Trails: Generator Trailer Guide

Mobility is one of the most powerful advantages you can have in all aspects of life. Speed, efficiency and freedom are often the deciding factors of the success of many endeavours. A Diesel generator is, of course, a stationary piece of kit. However, with a quality generator trailer, for sale right here at PowerMark, you […]