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Why you should always buy genuine Diesel generator parts

Why you should always buy genuine Diesel Generator parts

When it comes to the use and safety of Diesel Generators, using genuine parts above non-genuine parts is important. Everyone wants to rest assured the generator they are using is safe and working to it’s the best potential. According to experts the best way to ensure this is to make sure you are only using […]

What is an automatic transfer switch

What is an automatic transfer switch?

An automatic transfer switch (ATS) is a device which is used to reroute power, which is most often switched between two power sources. Whilst some transfer switches may remain manual, some are also triggered automatically when one of the power sources trips. The ATS will automatically switch to regain power. They are commonly used industrially, […]


How to find the correct generator part

Generators sometimes need repair and maintenance. When this happens, it’s important that any repair work is done using replacement parts that are genuine and high quality to keep your generator running properly. At Powermark, we are retailers of genuine parts for all kinds of generators, including, Diesel, hybrid, soundproof, open set, and containerized generators. We […]