Parts Kit for Engine 1106A-70TAG2/3/4

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Parts Kit for Engine 1106A-70TAG2/3/4

500 Hour Essential Maintenance parts kit for engine model 1106A-70TAG2/3/4. This kit includes your main filters (Air, oil, and Fuel) and belts. 

Full Kit details below:

Kit Number:  T402378

Engine Model: 1106A-70TAG2/ 3/ 4

Engine Build List:  PR82148/ PR82236/ PR82216

Kit includes:

Oil Filter Element - 4627133 X2

Fuel Filter Element - 26561118 X4

Pre Fuel Filter - 4415122 X1

Main Air Filter Element - 2652C831 X1

Safety Air Filter - 2652C832 X1

Belt - 2614B655

Rocker Cover Gasket - T407192 X 2

Parts Kit for Engine 1106A-70TAG2/3/4 Yorkshire & UK Wide

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