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10 generator maintenance tips for all year round

If you want your generator to last for years, even decades, then it’s going to need proper maintenance. It’s like anything, it must be looked after to prevent it from breaking down, and the better the maintenance, the longer your generator will function for without needing extensive repairs, which can cost a fortune. So, in order to keep your generator in the best condition possible, here are ten tips for maintenance, which you should practice all year round.

Invest in a Warranty


One of the best things you do for yourself and your generator is to invest in a warranty. Generators aren’t cheap, so find out what warranty you can get and what it covers. Alternatively, you could invest in a back-up generator to help control your home insurance costs as well.

Buy A Cover


Even just a bit of light rainfall could damage a part of your generator that could end up costing a fortune to fix or replace. Depending on what type of generator you have, you should invest in either a cover or an enclosure to keep it safe and secure.

Build A Storage Den


Alternatively, or additionally, you could build somewhere to keep your generator to keep it safe and dry.


Power up your generator regularly


It is important to run your generator every three months for about 30 minutes. This will charge the battery for the electric starter and keep it working for when you really need it.


Fill up your tank


Keep your tank filled with gas because if a generator runs out of gas, it will stop power.


Keep oil and filters plentiful


The last thing you want to be doing is shopping for new oil or filter during a long power outage, so keep a supply of oil and filters.


Test the Batteries


Undercharged or weak starting batteries are a common cause of generator failure. You need to keep the battery fully charged and well-maintained to avoid dwindling. Test it regularly so that you always know the status of the battery and can avoid any start-up hitches of the generator.

Clean the Batteries


As well as being tested, your batteries must also be clean. You can keep them clean by wiping them with a damp cloth whenever dirt appears excessive.

Learn About Your Generator


Before you even buy one, you should make sure you have read everything about the maintenance. If not, then it’s time to do your homework now and get familiar with how to look after it to keep it working at its best.

Keep The Generator Clean


It’s quite obvious when a generator needs cleaning, as you’ll be able to see oil drips and other issues. Therefore, make sure you inspect it regularly and clean anything you see that shouldn’t be there, particularly wasps who like to nest in your equipment. The more a generator is used and relied on, the more it needs to be taken care of. A generator can be a lifesaver, so take care of it, and it will take care of you.

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