Gas & CHP Generators

CPS has the resources to provide you with a solution for-

  • Gas (LPG or Natural)
  • CHP (Combined Heat & Power)
  • & Cogeneration Generators

Gas Generators:

CPS Gas generators re powered by LPG or Natural gas engines. Our Gas generators are manufactured at our plant in Selby North Yorkshire, UK and are designed for various applications around the world, especially where clean power is required.  Our CPS Gas generators power are available as emergency or portable power. Natural gas is regarded as being one of the most effect and affordable fuels among non-renewable resources for power generation.

Advantages of CPS Gas Generators:

  • Mode economical to run than diesel generators
  • Gas Generators do not produce a powerful odor, which is common in diesel generators.
  • Gas Generators are cleaner, less expensive than other non-renewable fuels and very efficient.
  • Natural gas is readily available all over the world, since it is delivered directly through pipelines. Which means fuel tanks become redundant.
  • CPS Gas generators are available from 20kw-1000kw

CHP (Combined Heat & Power):

More info coming soon.....

Cogeneration Generators:

More info coming soon....

Gas & CHP Generators

LPG Gas DC Generators
More Info coming soon..
More Info coming soon.....

Gas & CHP Generators Yorkshire & UK Wide

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    British Components - constructed by own engineers.
    CPS generators are designed and manufactured for various power applications around the world. No matter the application, we have the solution.

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    Global Exports - CPS can deliver worldwide.
    Over 60% of our turnover is exported, we have supplied to various countries around the world. This means our customers are dependent on our products in Middle East, Africa, Europe, Asia and North and South America.

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    Friendly and knowledgeable sales and support team.
    For Sales, Servicing or Dealer inquiries please contact our sales support team team. Our dedicated team will be able to handle any questions you may have.