Leading UK generator and power equipment manufacturer

The CPS group prides itself in being a leading UK manufacturer of generators and high quality power equipment.

With a flexible production line we can fully customize the products to suit your needs. Based in Selby, the heart of North Yorkshire, Our dedicated team of professional technical engineers can offer solutions to any power requirements that you may have. Whether you are domestic or commercial customer, in the UK or Overseas CPS has the solution.

CPS generators are designed and manufactured for various power applications. Our generators are suitable for prime or standby applications meaning our generators are available for multiple applications such as domestic homes, data centres, business critical systems, agriculture, mobile food outlets and various industrial applications. Our sets are manufactured using European components, and using high quality engine brands such as Perkins, Cummins, Kohler, Deutz, MTU and Volvo ensures our customers receive a high quality reliable product. We supply and manufacture generators from 1-3000kva, you can choose mobile, open frame, be-spoke soundproof generators or be-spoke container generators.

CPS Divisions

Constant Power Solutions Ltd:

  • Manufacture - generators from 1-3000kva 
  • Manufacture  - Hybrid Generators - 3-20kva
  • Manufacture - LPG or Natural gas generators
  • Manufacture - bespoke containerized generators from 5-3000kva
  • Manufacture - Our own in house control panels and automatic transfer switches for generators


CPS Power Products LTD:

  • Rental - Our rental team rents generators from 1-500kva
  • Servicing - We provide service and maintenance contracts on all used and new equipment
  • Projects - Our project team is experienced in supplying and installing generator sets to all locations around the world
  • Spare Parts - Our spare parts team supplies you with minor and major parts from all manufacturers 24/7
  • Refurbishments - Our refurbishment team offers full reconditioning of used generators


  • 01

    British Components - constructed by own engineers.
    CPS generators are designed and manufactured for various power applications around the world. No matter the application, we have the solution.

  • 02

    Global Exports - CPS can deliver worldwide.
    Over 60% of our turnover is exported, we have supplied to various countries around the world. This means our customers are dependent on our products in Middle East, Africa, Europe, Asia and North and South America.

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    Friendly and knowledgeable sales and support team.
    For Sales, Servicing or Dealer inquiries please contact our sales support team team. Our dedicated team will be able to handle any questions you may have.